What appears to be just another page in your sitemap, likely accessible through your header and/or footer, is actually some of your most compelling content. Or at least it should be. Yes, we’re talking about your website’s About page. In some ways, it’s actually more appropriate to refer to this type of page as “Our Brand Story”, or if you want another alternative, “Our Identity”. We prefer the former, but they’re both pretty accurate. That’s why your About Us page is one of the most important pages on your site. It is, after all, a pure representation of your brand identity. After reading and exploring yours, every visitor will fully understand your brand values, mission statement, added value, etc. This visitor wants to get to know you by hearing the story you have to tell. The first step to creating an authentic and effective about us page that truly communicates who you are and what you do is to perfect every design detail. First impressions count and your website should dress to impress.

Degordian: a Refined Color Palette

Pixelgrade: A beautifully done background overlay 6. Dribbble: Telling the stories of real designers 7. Medium: Brand storytelling through user experience 8. Pawel Nolbert: a dazzling personal portfolio 9. ShakeDesign: show their brand through architecture 10. Atlassian: illustrate brand values ​​with vector graphics 11. Drift: an optimistic and authentic atmosphere 12. G2: Traditional Netherlands Phone Number design elements become unique 13. HUMAAN: About what we love 14. Gong.io: Making sure you stand out 15. Etsy: Clear and Concise Brand Messages 16. GIPHY: focus on motion effects 16 Examples of Inspirational “About Us” Pages 1. Stripe: animation about us What caught our attention on the About Stripes page? It’s a few things, really.

Zendesk Unique Scroll Effects

Netherlands Phone Number List
Netherlands Phone Number List

is listed at the top of the page, so their impact as a business is known from the start of the browsing experience. Stripe also manages to strike the right balance between their traditional (and well-known for their design expertise, by the way) brand language while keeping the content original. It is a major success for their brand storytelling. Finally, our favorite design element on the page is how they illustrate their solution to the point of “financial complexity”, visualizing how they simplify financial management for businesses. So the next time you’re designing or editing your About Us page, we suggest keeping some of the great things Stripe has done with theirs in mind: think carefully about what you’re emphasizing the most. use the emphasis value wisely.

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