The game has been installed on million mobile. Devices in the world and has generated a profit of 470 million in sales. Three months after the launch of the pokémon go platform! And from a success that allowed him to earn 1.6 million dollars a day during the summer, his popularity has naturally declined and brands have jumped on that train to improve sales and income. The nintendo and niantic phenomenon for mobile users generated an immediate increase in sales thanks to the visit of gamers who chased virtual characters to the doors of stores. Belize B2B List According to bloomberg, businesses.

 as well as businesses knowing how to capitalize

as well as businesses knowing how to capitalize. on the trend and attract more players. However the enthusiasm for going out to the streets. Belize B2B List look for pokémon has ended and what happened to the marks? For some analysts, forecasting or allocating a dollar amount to a sales boost involves too many assumptions , since businesses with less space and inventory, or lower prices, would not benefit from a temporary boost Belize B2B List in traffic the way they might. Others might. What lies did the brands believe? 1- success will last a long time.

The number of active users of pokémon go In

Belize B2B List

The number of active users of pokémon go In. the world it ended with 45 million and with a difference of a month it registered 30 million in august, according to a report by the consulting firm axiom capital management. For axiom, the drop in users is due to the fact that there were players who are not very happy with the development and, therefore, do not recommend it. So niantic, developer of the game, has to pay attention to the comments, since the number of users will drop further. 2- people will only want to play pokémon go. Belize B2B List although the consumption of mobile devices is the fastest growing in the next five years, the time that users play is not part of all their time. People use social networks and surf the internet.

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