The two candidates apply strategies in one of the elections with a predominant presence of digital platforms. The presidential elections in the united states are close to being held and although a large part of the population has already cast their early vote, millions of citizens continue to analyze the campaigns, speeches and actions of hillary clinton and donald trump . Political marketing has allowed the two candidates to function in different ways and they . France B2B List But what have been the strategies that have helped american politicians.

The first woman with a real chance of being president

The first woman with a real chance of being president. if she wins there will be two presidents in a row who will not have been France B2B List white men and her image could maximize the participation of democratic women. According to political analysts, clinton’s great advantage is being a woman, a mother and also a grandmother. In addition, she is fun and with good feelings. 2- her experience: the democratic candidate has a law degree, in addition to the positions as senator and secretary of state, they have given her the bases to be president.France B2B List  latino support: 58 percent of registered latino voters support the democratic presidential candidate.

According to the pew research center campaign

France B2B List

According to the pew research center campaign. Team in the last two years he has been. Able to build the best team, the biggest. And the one with the most funds at his disposal. It has 500 people working for its candidacy. In addition to representations in each state of the american. Democratic support top representatives. Of her party support her which gives her great confidence. In addition barack obama and former president. Bill clinton have become two of the essential supports. Of his campaign donald trump. France b2b list his figure as a businessman.

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