Although they don’t really say anything revealing. The idea of ​​the video is to continue fueling the expectation. For avengers infinity war before the global premiere. On april 27. And it seems that it has. A good response from the fans a little over an hour. After the behind-the-scenes was published. It has about 500 thousand views togethe.R between facebook twitter and youtub this film directed. By the brothers joe and anthony russo is a key. Piece in the future of the marvel cinematic universe. Mcu for its acronym in english one in which no. Cyprus B2B List Character from the films produced by. 21st has participated so far century fox.

However the russo brothers were enthusiastic

However the russo brothers were enthusiastic. About the idea of ​​making a crossover with x-men. Or the fantastic 4, both franchises with fox. Cyprus B2B List In an interview with the french medium linternaute. Picked up by cbr, they declared that they would love. To film a secret movie wars the idea is interesting. In terms of business, the number of sagas could be. Expanded and, consequently the marketing potential. Of the mcu however, before they would have to come. To an agreement from disney, since at the beginning. Of the year kevin feige. Head of marvel studios declared in an interview. Cyprus B2B List With vulture that in the negotiation between disney. And 21st century fox there is still nothing official to be done.

You can think of integrating characters like deadpool

Cyprus B2B List

You can think of integrating characters like deadpool. Into the marvel universe although it was not closed. To the possibility subscribe to the premium content. Of merca2.0from madrid to mexico. City the most reliable source of global marketing. Strategies a look at the strategies of the big brands. And consumer trends. Subscribe to merca2.0. I’m already a subscriber. Take me to premium contentivan nava ivan nava. Communications specialist with experience. Cyprus B2B List In digital media and research. Mgid let’s go to the best countries to live in brainberries. 8 celebrities who’ve lost their fandoms herbeauty. These are 15 great style tips from asian.

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