A change of course In 2014, I looked at how I used social media and realized I needed to make some changes, especially with my ProBlogger accounts. For starters, they were pretty boring to watch. At the time, most of my tweets were about new jobs on our job board and the latest posts on the site. And I didn’t include any visuals with any of them. Another problem was that I really didn’t offer much to my followers. Most of my posts were sales oriented. There were no links to evergreen content. I wasn’t promoting my new content very well either, and I was posting pretty sporadically.

A Big Reason for All of This Is that I Used to Spend

a lot of time managing the social media accounts for Digital Photography School (my main blog). I had no system or routine in place to fund my accounts, so it depended on how much time I had and where I spent it. And even if I could spend 10 or 15 minutes creating a visual to accompany my article, Shadow Making Service it seemed like a waste of time. Within minutes, my message would disappear, never to be seen again. But the following year, I had completely changed my approach to social media.

Shadow Making Service

And Based on The Feedback I Started Getting

from my readers and subscribers, I was getting the results I was hoping for. People would come up to me at conferences and be like, “Hey, I noticed something different about ProBlogger. It looks more professional. It looks like you are doing more things. So what has changed? Well, a lot. But rather than list everything I’ve done in those 12 months, I’m going to ask you four questions I want you to answer. Why? Because answering these questions will give you a framework for auditing your social media, no matter what platform you use.

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