From mountain dew’s energy tour. We learn to: be disruptive – bring the experience directly to public places and involve your target audience give people a taste – let people experience what Taiwan Phone Number  you have to offer. And be there with them for the experience be branded – every facet of the experience and the experiential team should showcase the brand include games and competitions have product on hand to sell your interactive experience won’t be complete without social media. 

For instance, Corresponding digital action: comprehensive social campaign you’ll want to fire on all social cylinders with this. Create a facebook event with the dates and locations of stops Taiwan Phone Number  post live streaming videos of the experience on facebook. Twitter. Meerkat. And periscope post edited videos on facebook. You tube. Instagram. Twitter. Vine. Snapchat. And tumblr create a hashtag for the experience create experience-dedicated pages on platforms such as facebook and twitter create a special page to showcase competitions make regular posts at each stop. Including pictures get video testimonials 

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However, Tag users who engage. Thank them. Follow them on twitter. Like their facebook page. Connect on linkedin. Etc this is oh-so-important. Social media is how experiential marketing campaigns get huge. If people participate. They’re likely to share the experience on social media. Give them a way to access your brand experience throughout the campaign on as many channels as you can manage. . Think differently danish Taiwan phone number brewer carlsberg knew exactly how to engage its audience with this campaign: let the people drink free beer. Think differently for experiential marketing the ‘give them samples’ idea is nothing new. But carlsberg thought differently. And thought big. By tapping a gigantic poster to serve up pints to passersby (with an id. Of course). 

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In other words, Londoners were able to engage directly with the brand and its product on the street level. Note how carlsberg takes a risk: the most prominent things here are the slogan and the beer tap. This lets the beer speak for itself. It doesn’t shove the carlsberg brand name in people’s faces. Media Taiwan Phone Number  giant the guardian took note. And the youtube video has received nearly  thousand views. Corresponding digital action: blog with visual content and customer testimonials experiences are fantastic for generating visual content. They’re also great for generating blog content: blog – times a week about interactions with people during the campaign ask folks if you can snap a picture during your interactions with them 

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Therefore, Solicit testimonials – quick question-and-answer sessions about their perception of the experience post pictures and testimonials on the blog along with your own running commentary through photos. Customer commentary. And your own thoughts. Your blog will effectively deliver a powerful Taiwan Phone Number  narrative. . Use technology market force recommends using cameras and beacons to understand customer experience. Video footage will do the following: tell you how many people are engaging with the experience tell you how people are reacting to certain aspects of the experience allow you to compare conversion numbers with engagement numbers give you plenty of material for social media and blog posts create an app for the experience.

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