I would let them know that there is a group of women and allies who passionately dedicate their time to ensuring that the glass ceilings, sticky floors and obstacles that may stand between them and their desire to become leading women in technology become. just part of the story. Technology is in practically everything we do, and in order to develop innovative solutions and respond to the complex problems that surround us, it is necessary to have diverse teams that develop them, and create resolutions that reflect and take into account all the people in our society. That is why we want to be an inspiration so that more and more of us work in Technology.

It is an area that is booming and growing, and that offers a huge range of alternatives, so there are possibilities to develop in many branches. Personally, I don’t have a technical background in programming, however at Salesforce I had the opportunity to constantly learn, increase the use of new technologies in the processes related to my role and grow my career. If you want to have the opportunity to join Salesforce too, discover our open positions here and join #Our Voice , a campaign for International Women’s Day.

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Today, February 11, is the International  India phone number Day of Women and Girls in Science, established by the United Nations to achieve full and equal access and participation in science for women and girls, and also to achieve equality of gender and the empowerment of women and girls. To contribute our grain of sand to the cause and give you a little motivation, we want to tell you the story of Marina, Technical Account Manager and Vice President of Geforce LATAM at Salesforce in her own words. Enjoy it! Tell us what you do at Salesforce and how you got to your current role.

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I started my studies more than 40 years ago at UNCuyo in the Petroleum  Engineering career because . I wanted to be a nuclear engineer and to enter the Balseiro  Institute . They asked me to have 2 years approved of any engineering. We were 4 women and 80 men. During that first year, and mentored by one of the engineers I had as a teacher, I discovered the limitations that women had in the field of science and technology, so I decided to retrace my steps and changed careers. The following year I began the Teaching Physics, Mathematics and Cosmography.  Year, I asked to change to the Pure Mathematics degree in Buenos Aires because.

I Decided To Get Married And Accompany

my husband’s career. Finishing the third year of mathematics I had to drop out because I was pregnant with my first child. I worked because my husband’s salary was not enough but it was impossible to work, study and raise a child. However, I had already discussed it with my life partner, That day came 3 years later. At since I was already working in a bank’s computer center. I had fallen in love with computing and was convinced that it was much more fun than math.

Already pregnant with my second child, I decided not to go back to math.  But to start Systems Engineering from scratch. In those years that implied 6 years study  the age to be received and two children under my belt .  Something that scandalized my parents and others around me. But not me, who did not want to continue investing another minute in math and was eager to learn . Computer science. These circumstances involved several discriminations that at times became painful.  But it was my professional choice and I continued to be true to myself.

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