Activities such as social media, content creation and distribution. Website management seo and video are among. The main activities to be carried out by companies. As part of their digital marketing efforts. From 2016 to 2017 marketing charts reports that these sections. Were the ones that received a budget increase of more. Than 50 percent in all cases the figures tell us about. The importance that digital marketing has gained for companies .And the clearest reflection of this is also found in the numbers. As highlighted by estimates from the. Research department of merca2.0, in the case of mexico. The industry receives a sustained investment that. Today contemplates 6 thousand 400 million pesos.

Therefore in Order for Companies to Continue Taking Advantage

Therefore in order for companies to continue taking advantage. Of the contributions of digital marketing. We share with you the bad habits of digital marketing. Buy Iceland Whatsapp Numbers That currently must be left behind not. Putting enough importance on mobile optimization. We are at a point where google’s mobile first index. Is already a present reality since more. And more individuals search. And browse the internet from their mobile devices therefore. It is necessary for brands or organizations to pay. Attention to this new measure that implies important. Changes to gain or not lose positioning in the most important. Search engine today digital marketers need to. Consider the importance of how this fits into their. Overall strategy.

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Do Not Work Hand in Hand With Brand Advocates

Do not work hand in hand with brand advocates. As you know there is no better advertising than word of mouth. That is, between people word. Of mouth has been very effective for years. And in the digital world it is no different in fact. It can be better thanks to that people have. Tools at their fingertips that allow them to express. Their opinions and make them reach. Virtually everyone for brands it is essential to consider. Brand advocates within their marketing efforts. So they must be identified and recruited to promote. Your content and your brand. Not measuring social media numbers properly.To finish this last bad habit denotes the importance. That social networks can have. Although for many companies today they. Are essential platforms to develop their work this importance. Is not reflected in the way they manage their efforts within them.

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