Obviously. If you want your leads to convert after reading and interacting with your content. You need to do much more than maximizer is doing. There are dozens of tools. Tactics and techniques out there that help you gain and keep the attention of your readers that bit longer. When each second is precious Malaysia Phone Number and when you are investing a significant amount of resources into producing content. There’s no way you can ignore these tools. Here are  uncommon ways to nurture your leads with personalization and improve your “discovery to conversion” equation: . 

Personalize your content recommendations personalized and timely content recommendations are one of the most powerful ways to make your leads stay longer on your website and Malaysia Phone Number recall your brand at crucial times. Bloggers and large content publishers vouch by predictive recommendations for awareness. Reach and engagement (as opposed to ads). See how content recommendations work on inc. They (and many other media publishers) show recentpopular articles on the right hand side. In addition. A small pop-up with a link to another article that piques your interest appears on the bottom right. As you scroll down and reach the bottom of the post. 

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This pop-up works nicely to re-attract the reader’s attention. Just as it is running out. I’ve no doubt you’ve seen this in action somewhere – and fallen prey to it too! Personalize-your-content-recommendation-for-ways-to-nurture-leads image source: inc while these pop-ups work wonders to keep readers Malaysia phone number on your site. Don’t forget that much of your content lives outside your own website or blog. And that may often include your best pieces. If you are a regular contributor to a third party media site or blog. Your only hope for leading readers from there to your own site is through a link within the article or from your byline. Which is hoping against hope.

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Links aren’t as attention-grabbing as – and take up much less screen space than – a pop-up. What you normally do to circumvent this problem is share your articles and posts on social media. Which again are high on the “hope” factor that someone will re-share (and associate you with the content. In Malaysia Phone Number case they happen to remember you by the time you consume it). The middle way out. Which helps you associate your content as well as brand with content either created by others and shared by you. Or created by you on platforms you don’t own. Is to use a recommendation tool like start a fire. Which helps you draw leads to your website from all the content you share or curate. 

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You can add up to  other links. Which show up along with your facelogo. In the familiar pop-up box at the bottom right. When someone clicks through to the main link that you’ve shared. Personalize-your-content-recommendation–for-ways-to-nurture-leads this way. There is less chance they’ll forget you’re the one who shared the link in the first place and more chance they’ll click on the other links you’ve shared once they finish Malaysia Phone Number reading that particular post. Here’s an old-fashioned before-after picture of how pop-up content recommendation work: personalize-your-content-recommendation–for-ways-to-nurture-leads whoever thought you could milk more out of links shared on social media. Or pop-up boxes for that matter? .

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