Next time we will definitely do it the other Tongliao Phone Number way around. Research, cite by Shel Holtz, among others, shows that she could indee have done better. If you immediately admit that you were wrong, you end up with. Tongliao Phone Number less damage, also on your shares. And while we’re on the subject of crisis communication, Shel also has another piece of advice: the best way to handle a crisis is to prevent it. You Tongliao Phone Number can also prevent a crisis on social media by simply giving employees access to social media at their workplace, because that is how they learn to deal with it.

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Train them and facilitate them. In this way, they Tongliao Phone Number are better prepared for a possible social media crisis. Need for change need for changeBut of course this choice has consequences for the entire organization, according to Penders. She has to change with it, whether she likes it or not. It makes no sense to only let Tongliao Phone Number spokespersons brush up on their own skills. They also need to be given more confidence and mandate to deal with everything quickly. They are, more than ever, the antenna of the Tongliao Phone Number organization. Crucial, according to Penders, if you want to be in the driver’s seat: “ Do you want to be the actor in someone else’s story, or the director of your own story?

Tongliao phone number
Tongliao phone number

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We don’t have a PR problem, we have a Tongliao Phone Number business problem” Scott Monty (Ford) also said: “We don’t have a PR problem, we have a business problem, but we need PR to tell how we are going to solve the business problem”. Given the current banking incidents, Penders was the perfect person to talk about the change role Tongliao Phone Number of PR and media relations in a rapidly changing media landscape. Trust in companies is lower than ever, Scott also said. Cindy Penders (ING) Cindy Penders (ING): ‘Fast is more Tongliao Phone Number important than correct’ The fact that one tweet can cause the DOW Jones index to collapse is strong supporting evidence of this.

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