This is why data visualization is so powerful: it turns boring information into a visual that our brains can actually understand. Because our brains process visuals up to . times faster than text alone. Businesses. Educators. And marketers want to make it easier to share data in ways that people actually absorb. This Jamaica Phone Number  is why data visualizations – such as interactive maps. Charts. And infographics – are so popular across the web. They share quantifiable information in ways that don’t put the brain to sleep! Data can be found in nearly every facet of journalism. Media. And education for this reason alone. But what about in business? Data visualization and business 

Data in business doesn’t just come in the form of sales made. Stock values. Or the numbers on your inventory spreadsheet. There is no denying the importance of those data sets. But there are a variety of information pools to “collect” from. Including: web traffic and retention stats social media reach audience Jamaica Phone Number  polls email marketing conversions customer reviews customer demographics (age. Location. Gender. Etc.) the beauty of data in today’s world is that it’s so easy to collect. You don’t have to do much legwork at all. Your website’s administration panel can tell you about your traffic and retention rates. While social media sites now offer analytic reports. 

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Your email software will collect plenty of information about your subscribers. Including who they are and what they buy. Engaging your customers with polls and chances to review your services will give you plenty of information. As well. You can also pull from public data sets for information about Jamaica phone number your industry. Your target audience. Or the type of products/services you provide. There are billions upon billions of data bytes out there; just collect the ones that pertain to your business! But now that you understand where to find your business data. You’re probably wondering why in the world you should visualize it. 

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After all. Who really wants to see data about your email marketing conversions? Instead of seeing your data sets as an entire story unto themselves. Think of them as a piece of the puzzle. It’s your job to fit those puzzle pieces into content and information that your investors. Audience. And potential Jamaica Phone Number  customers want to consume! Turning data into a story your audience wants to hear one of the most common misconceptions about data visualization is that you need to create amazing works of interactive art. Like the cool map from metrocosm here. 

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Data visualization. Massive graphic design budgets. And an in-depth knowledge of coding do not necessarily go hand-in-hand. According to most data experts. Data visualization can be any map. Chart. Graph. Etc. That you can make into a simple jpeg image. A video. Or even a d model like the one above. The Jamaica Phone Number  only criteria is that the visualization communicates data. It’s also important to point out that data visualizations are usually only visual representations of one data set; a pie chart to show different portions of a specific group. Or a line chart showing growth of social media followers. 

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