In an online segment where 87 percent of consumers. Say they have never downloaded an application to order food, there are areas of opportunity for fast food brands to focus their digital marketing strategy. The pattern that persists in the fast food restaurant chain market is marked by speed and products that, despite their controversial nutritional value, are cheap. Data from 2014 released by the firm aytm, explained that in markets such as the united states, the main reasons for consuming fast food were its Cameroon B2B List convenience and economy.

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At and percent respectively in this context. Of fast food where now the ease of consumption. Is determining the success of brands within the sector. Cameroon B2B List Fast food restaurants are turning to look. At the mobile market where speed is the secret recipe. That prevails in it greg creed ceo of yum brands. Assured in his most recent quarterly report that. Ease has been a factor that determined. Success in the fast food business he leads. However despite this commitment to working on digital. Cameroon B2B List Marketing strategies based on the speed.

That prevails in this segment of web consumption

Cameroon B2B List

That prevails in this segment of web consumption. Current data speaks of poor performance for. Downloading applications that help order food. From mobile phones in the united kingdom. Alone data from bord bia published in 2015 indicated. That 87 percent of consumers had never downloaded an application of this type, compared to only four percent who said they had done so a long time ago. Given this scenario, it is possible to deduce that fast food restaurants are not attacking the application Cameroon B2B List market in the best way so we.

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