In november of last year, hugo sánchez played by actor. Jesús zavala demonstrated his influence among. The followers of the popular series club de cuervos. When he was chosen as brand ambassador. For the shirt, hand in hand with liverpool and charly. Futbol the assistant of the protagonist of club de. Cuervos salvador iglesias jr is one of the characters. With the greatest engagement. With the followers hugo sánchez played by actor jesús zavala. Has achieved such success that he will star in his. Lithuania B2B List Own series there will be six chapters dedicated. To the character in “La balada de hugo sánchez. To be released on june 17 after the mexico match.

But why choose this character mark alazraki creator

But why choose this character mark alazraki creator. Of the series and moisés chiver, its producer. Respond to merca2.0 what is very cool since. Nosotros los nobles passing club de cuervos. Is that this game of blurring the line between reality. Lithuania B2B List And fiction in which you don’t know if it’s the characters. With their twitter accounts or the actors. Is saw an impressive. Growth of el otro hugo sánchez. So with the big data that. Was developed and the intelligent data that. You could see, they came to the conclusion of choosing it. Explained alazraki in other words, data and social. Lithuania B2B List Networks once again demonstrated that they are. Decisive in different industries in this case in entertainment. And for the agency in particular.

But With La Balada De Hugo Sánchez Alazraki Entertainment

Lithuania B2B List

But with la balada de hugo sánchez alazraki entertainment. Has made history by becoming the first production. Company to achieve a spin off. On the popular streaming platform with netflix content. Netflix’s income is estimated at 3 thousand 286 million dollars. Registered during the last quarter of 2017. According to its financial report we never went out looking. For that award it was good news that came from the initiative. Of netflix and the coincidence is that we are the first. Lithuania B2B List Spin off on the popular streaming platform alazraki. Commented. In this chiver said that starting from the fact that.

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