Despite the fact that a brand has a unique message. The preference of users changes. Since they always have a way of acting according to their region. And their own context currently. Social networks, facebook pages twitter or instagram. Profiles and even a linkedin account are a highly exploited. Resource for companies’ digital advertising. As they offer the possibility of finding. New ways to impact the audience. However, on facebook the most used platform. In the world, the situation is a bit more segmented. But controlled the moment. A big brand hits this channel, they have the option to start creating pages. For different types of places and regions. Although they will have followers in different locations. The type of market they have may be totally different.

For the above reason it could be essential to have a business page

For the above reason it could be essential to have a business page. As it is effective for further expansion and reach. Being able to know the differences that appear in the market. To direct a main digital profile can be beneficial correctly. Cambodia WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists Once the problems in a certain place are known. It easier to take the public into account thanks to the variations. That occur social listening by a certain region. How does a global page work according to information. From global pages allow you to show translated versions. Of your content to customers around. The world but retain a brand name a total number of fans. A custom url and global statistics of all followers. This is effective when brands advertise origina.L content which is relevant to an audience. And other material just as relevant to an audience in another.

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Benefits of global pages global pages on facebook incorporate

Benefits of global pages global pages on facebook incorporate. General content and what is done by region with the advantage .Of directing users directly to their local version. Visitors also have the option to change the region. They are directed to by facebook. That is they can see what is happening locally. And what is happening on the general page. A global page was only available to big brands. But facebook is already enabling the option for everyone else. To find out if your company page can do this. You have to access settings and look. For the option in the drop-down menu named global on the left. Subscribe to the premium content of merca2.0 from. The most reliable source of global marketing strategies.

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