It’s no secret that linkedin is the number one social networking site for bb marketers. Given the network’s user base of over  million and the fact that it’s a source of % of bb social media leads. Linkedin’s prominence in the bb industry will not change any time soon. So if and when linkedin makes a necessary UK phone number change it is important that organizations make a note. Linkedin has made more than  million discussion groups private. A major step in the social network’s efforts towards improving the quality and professional nature of membership groups. The move here was based on feedback of linkedin groups who craved real connections with peers and industry leaders helping them learn and grow.

Along with making the groups private. Linkedin has also introduced several other changes that warrant a closer look for any brand making strides and gaining social presence on the network. Here are the eight changes to linkedin groups that bb marketers need to be aware of. Social media guide free UK phone number download the ultimate guide to social media marketing for business first name * email * download now . Groups have been design with new features and fresh looks new feature and look for groups for changes to linkedin groups linkedin members now can add images to their posts and mention other users they have in the group. Organizations believe that these changes can easily cut down on clutter. Spam and promotional content within groups. The navigation panel is simple and linkedin has significantly increased the amount of open space on the pages. 

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The changes shown are among the most notable tweaks of linkedin groups. . Privacy of groups mean they won’t be index by search engines privacy of groups for changes to linkedin UK phone number groups the information that is generally shar on linkedin groups won’t be sharable via google or any other search engine. This exclusivity will increase the value of conversations held in different groups. Follow by the fact that new ideas and strategies shar among. Members will be known to the ones who are a part of the group. 

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This major change will help bb marketers establish thought leadership. Showcasing knowledge that can lead prospective clients and customers to come back and check their company page. Employee profiles and marketing collateral. . Group members will now be vett group members are now vett for changes to UK phone number linkedin groups in order to join any linkedin group you ne to make sure that your credentials are updatd. Having a professional image is a must. As well as having a fully fleshed out profile so that group administrators can assess how well they fit into their community. 

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This generally works out positive for marketers who have spent deliberate time in optimizing their company profiles. . Changes for open groups as an admin of a formerly open group. Remember that your discussions can be seen on the web and shared among other social networking sites. You need to have a bit UK phone number of control on whoever has joined the group and what posts have been published. Here are the changes for open groups: if your group has a sub group. Then they are no longer considered to be the subgroups but regular groups.

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