“Which domain service is the best?” » “What is the best blogging platform? » “What tools should I use on my blog?” » “What are the best services to start monetizing my blog? » It was quite easy to set up. It’s just a standard WordPress page with links to all the tools and services I recommend. Since then, I’ve divided them into different categories and included a little spiel on each one. I’ve also added links to articles related to certain sections like Choosing a Blogging Platform , How to Start a Blog , and How to Make Money Blogging . Why I created it As I said earlier,

I Created the Resource Page to Serve My Readers and Answer

their questions. Adding a link to this in my navigation area greatly reduced the number of emails I received. And when I got an email about something I had included on the resources page, I could just send them a “You might find this page useful” message as a response. But that wasn’t all he did for me. How it work Some of the links are affiliate links and over the years I have earned a good income from this page. Some bloggers have even told me that their resource page is the main source of income for their blog.

How it work

Just Keep in Mind that If You Have Too Many Affiliate Links

your readers might think you created them for yourself rather than them. (I’ll get to that soon.)It also ranks quite well for “blog resources” in search engines, and therefore generates quite a bit of traffic. It’s also something that works very well on social networks when I share it. An embarrassing story My resource page has served me well over the years. But there was a time when it probably did me more harm than good. After creating the page and adding all the links, I didn’t touch it for six years.

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