One in three CIOs leads change initiatives and drives business innovation within their organizations; 74% of them said IT departments are now responsible for cybersecurity. operations, data compliance, and customer experience. In addition to traditional IT tasks. In other words, this means that when a company grows at an excessively fast rate. CIOs and IT departments must not only support the expansion of daily operations and a growing workforce, but also facilitate continuous innovation. . Does it look familiar to you? Well, we’ve been through that too. So we’ve created a playbook that explains how we use Salesforce technology to extend IT capabilities and drive change across the organization.

How we position Salesforce for the next chapter Long before I joined Salesforce as CIO in 2018, I was an AT&T technician and engineer. At that time, IT was seen as the Management Information Systems (MIS) department, that is, the backbone of the organization’s operations, but set apart from other business units and seen as a cost center. Today, it has a completely different function. Nearly half of respondents to the 2020 State of the CIO survey identify themselves as “transformative people”; almost one in three of them considers themselves as “business strategist” and only a quarter describe themselves as only functional.

A Cio Leader Who Facilitates

Technology-driven change and partners with Uae Mobile Number business function teams to position companies to .Deliver premium products, services and value to the customer. And, thanks to the cloud, we no longer have to spend our time on functional activities like infrastructure issues and cost control. Instead, we help the company grow. That’s why at Salesforce we’ve renamed our IT Department Business Technology, letting everyone know that their purpose is to grow the business through technology. Today, IT is embedded in the fabric of the business and is part of every Salesforce function, from recruiting and employee engagement to finance and sales.

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I like to think of IT as the central nervous system that helps drive business results. Not to mention, no matter how well you know your role, it’s important to put yourself in other people’s shoes .As ideas inevitably come up that might not otherwise have been considered. Embracing a hybrid world in our digital journey . Customer success is central to the Salesforce culture and business model. And data is essential to building customer relationships platform in our company, but we that last. If your organization is like ours, it relies on multiple cloud and on-premises systems and applications.  Which means it’s not always easy to access that data quickly and efficiently.

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In fact, MuleSoft’s 2020 Connectivity Benchmark Report revealed that 85% of organizations admit that integration . Challenges stall their digital transformation efforts, as systems create siled perspectives, impacting customer experiences. . MuleSoft is an API company that helps organizations connect a growing range of business applications and services. While unlocking and gaining meaning from valuable data trapped.  In older systems for use in newer solutions like learning. automatic and AI. We have been MuleSoft customers for a long time. We are a cloud-based company and we use our own products and  also take advantage of our partner’s ecosystem, as well as other best-in-class software as a service providers.

MuleSoft has not only connected all of our software and data . It has also helped us innovate faster and deliver better results. That’s why we brought MuleSoft into the Salesforce family in 2018. So we could offer that same capability to our customers. Salesforce really works at Salesforce, and we’re excited to share a behind-the-scenes look at. How we solve everyday business challenges, improve employee engagement, and drive innovation with the Salesforce platform. Download the CIO Handbook today to see 10 ways we at Salesforce are using our . Own technology to move the company forward, while empowering our people and our culture.

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