The calendar of commemorative dates for the second half of the year is marked by important events that mobilize sales. In 2018, it was no different: driven by retail sales dates such as Christmas and Black Friday , e-commerce had a higher turnover than the previous year and the number of orders increased. To take advantage of these opportunities, sales strategies are directed at consumers who are looking for discounts available during the period to buy Christmas gifts . An example of that is Black Friday sales. Consumer behavior during the commemorative dates . To study the movement of purchases during the commemorative  the future holds for sales, Salesforce teamed up with Publicis.

Sapient to conduct the Shopping-First Retailing research . Which analyzed the behavior of 6,000 consumers in six countries, in addition to the digital shopping . Behavior of 500 million consumers and 1.4 billion e-commerce visits worldwide. The report also considered data from 200 million cases of customer service and hidden . Customer approaches in 70 stores in New York, London and San Francisco. As a result, the report revealed the way in which customers are interacting and buying in a scenario of the fourth industrial revolution , together with the trends that will impact the way large, medium and small companies act.discovering new products and new brands at

 An Ever-accelerating Rate

According to the study, 69% say it is important Belgium phone number or very important to see new products every time they visit the store. In addition to that, among the best-selling products in e-commerce, 59% change monthly. What does it mean for companies? It means that it is necessary to analyze and be attentive to consumer research to offer the products they are looking for in real time. Retail sales need to be fast to meet expectations; That’s why anticipating the customer journey is essential, as well as investing in technologies . That make sites faster and improve navigation. omni-channel experience . The physical store customer is not always different when shopping online.

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The report has shown that 71% of consumers use their mobile devices during purchases . In physical stores, mainly to compare prices (36%), search for products (29%). Take product photos (28%) or read evaluations and reviews. about the product (25%) . Which further highlights the importance of caring about the digital experience . That potential customers have with your brand, be it a product or a retailer. Who saw this product and what is predominant? Artificial intelligence has a positive impact on the customer experience  . By proposing product recommendations. The “Shopping-First Retailing”  based on artificial intelligence, generating 37% profit.

In A Scenario Where Customers Feel

Retailers don’t know them well, driving personalization through AI is critical to perfecting the customer relationship. What to expect for 2019? The scenario of the fourth industrial revolution and Salesforce behavioral research for the end .Of the year show that customer expectations in the digital experience go beyond aspects directly .  Linked to online sales on the Internet, since consumers are exceeding expectations. barriers of physical stores and interacting online while shopping locally to find more information on prices and specifications in e-commerce and other sources. It is essential for brands to provide quick responses in the . As the Holiday Readiness guide also points out , to prepare for the holidays.

The IT market is one of the fastest growing in Latin America, mainly due to companies seeking innovation. According to the EMIS Insights study, the sector must maintain its growth until 2021 throughout Latin America. Artificial intelligence , cloud computing , IoT , chatbots and other disruptive technologies led companies from different industries to start a digitization process. The essence of Salesforce is connected to that digital transformation . speed and usability Consumers are  environment to keep the customer survey highlighted that 6% of visits  .To e-commerce were involved with recommendations engaged dates and understand .

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