O SO BORING daily routine Everything Oman B2B List you need to remember gets in the way of focus and needs to get out of your head. So write it down! Certainly if you want to be creative, an ’empty head’ at the start of the working day is a must. Therefore, start your working day earlier than Oman B2B List everyone else. If possible, half an hour earlier and then work undisturbed. The tool: A4 paper! I grab a red Oman B2B List sheet of A4 paper, but it can also be a blue task book with a ring binder. The O SO BORING day routine will help you get the workday off to a good start. Write down actions, appointments and reminders for this one day.

Creating Care Oman B2B List

Also note the times of your appointments. I came Oman B2B List up with the abbreviation OZOSAAI myself and it keeps me focused: O plums self care Start up (connect laptop and phone) S tilte (or Sound without vocals if that increases your concentration) Check agenda Check actions (see Oman B2B List your task list or Excel overview) check inbox What does the O SO BORING day routine get you? Creating your Oman B2B List regular pattern of order and checking everything provides an overview. The reminders are actually the flags that keep you on track. Because you don’t immediately jump into a task, you oversee the slalom of your day in advance.

Oman B2B List

Do Not Create Oman B2B List

Organize folders easily Simplify the folder Oman B2B List structure of your files. Create 6 to 9 folders. The trick is to name the main or focus areas of your job quite abstractly. Think of 6 thematic (project) folders and the folders: 7. Team, 8. Trends/Reference 9. Employer Do not create Oman B2B List any deeper folders except for photos or a ‘Z. bak’ for all the ‘old stuff’. When you have created the folders, you Oman B2B List also create the same archive folders in your e-mail program. Put an @ sign in front of it. Also, teach yourself to clearly define file names. You start with a date and end with a version number.

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