We call it the golden triangle. To elaborate on it further. Jakob nielsen conducted a study in april  that explained the concept of the golden triangle. From the study. It was revealed that online viewers see the content in an “f” pattern. The study explained that the eyes of users move in a horizontal direction. The user Algeria Phone Number first views the upper part of the content. Then they move in a horizontal direction and finally to the left vertical direction. When using eyeball-tracking software. It forms the shape of the letter ‘f’ and this is how it derived its name. 

This is also precisely the manner in which mobile users scan the content on a website. I.E. They first look at the upper left corner of the screen and then the center of it. Users spend about  of their time in the center of the screen. While they consume  of their time in the upper two-thirds of the screen. Following Algeria Phone Number this specific pattern. You can significantly increase the engagement of prospects on your web copy which will result in a higher conversion rate. Use-the-golden-triangle-approach-for-improve-your-copywriting-for-mobile image source: kiehl’s . Create short and compelling lines unlike desktop users. Mobile users have a shorter attention span which requires you to create shorter sentences.

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Rather than stuffing your copy with fluffy content. You should optimize it with short but compelling lines that create the right impact. These sentences have to establish the true essence of your landing page or email copy. But most of all. The first sentence has to raise the bar and deliver on the Algeria phone number expectations of the audience. Create-short-and-compelling-lines-for-improve-your-copywriting-for-mobile image courtesy: bupa the above-mentioned image is a perfect example of how mobile copy should succinctly describe a service. 

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As you can see. It portrayed the benefits of a health insurance plan in a few short lines. . Create an attention-grabbing tagline when david ogilvy gave rolls royce the famous tagline. “at  miles an hour the loudest noise in this new rolls-royce comes from the electric clock”. It skyrocketed the sales of the company of that particular year. That is the power of a catchy headline. The idea behind writing catchy taglines is to convey your brand Algeria Phone Number story in a few words. In mobile marketing. You have only  seconds to do that. Considering such a short reaction time. It makes it even more important for you to create memorable one-liners that can succinctly sum up the gist of your brand message in a few seconds and draw in more visitors to your website. 

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Create-attention-grabbing-tagline-for-improve-your-copywriting-for-mobile image source: t mobile this mobile ad copy of samsung galaxy captures your attention with its catchy tagline. . Be frequent with bullets using bullets in your copy is one of the best ways to make your content more scannable and reader-friendly. Algeria Phone Number Bullets add clarity in your copy and make it easier for mobile viewers to scan valuable information. Bullets are also a time-saving substitute for the longer paragraph. It enables you to put across your message to readers in a jiffy. It allows you to summarize the gist of your information in a precise manner which makes it easier for mobile readers to get your point.

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