Former Vice President Al Gore spoke about climate change. Actor, filmmaker and social advocate Adrian spoke about his most recent project, the Lonely Whale Foundation. And a beautiful gratitude tree attracted admiration and thank you notes. Al Gore Tree of Gratitude 4. Our Star Friends Susan Prescott, vice president of Product Marketing at Apple, kicked off a fireside chat with Salesforce CMO Stephanie Buscemi by calling Salesforce and Apple “besties.” The two companies have long been aligned on their mission and values, and recently entered into a new strategic alliance to help application developers and customers. The session continued by discussing the many ways that mobile and apps in particular are changing marketing.

Dreamforce was cited as an example: “I didn’t even bring my laptop,” Stephanie said. Google and Salesforce extended their alliance to include distribution. And Amazon Web Services and Salesforce announced new ways to share data across platforms. Manzana Ben & Jerry’s 3. Dreampitch! Quickly becoming one of Dreamforce’s most beloved traditions, Dreampitch returned this year and it didn’t disappoint! Three entrepreneurs had the opportunity to pitch their ideas for the next great startup built on the Salesforce platform in front of a panel of expert judges and industry luminaries (think: “Shark Tank”).

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After that, to convince the judging panel, Russia phone number which included celebrity entrepreneur and investor , why they should go home with a big $250,000 check from Salesforce Ventures .In addition, the big winner was Mars Mundy, who wowed the judges with hisautomotive industry repair operating system, CarServ . Above all, carServ team, Dreampitch winner 2. Creating a better customer experience, together There’s never a lack of important news and announcements at Dreamforce. From the launch of Salesforce Customer 360 and Einstein Voice to expanding partnerships with Apple and ABB ( to name just a few), Dreamforce ’18 was all about us all working together to connect with our customers in new and more engaging ways.

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And of course, Dreamforce wouldn’t be Dreamforce if we didn’t spotlight our amazing customers and partners. Whether taking a tour of the campground, the Customer Success Expo, or the Trailhead—or really anywhere on the Dreamforce campus—attendees were constantly immersed in how our customers and partners are using Salesforce to innovate the experience. the client’s. Dreamforce: A Celebration of Trailblazers Dreamforce is that special time of year when Trailblazers from around the world come together as an Ohana to share their knowledge, collaborate  dedicated to transforming themselves and making the world better.

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Marc Benioff, President and Co-CEO of Salesforce, kicked off the week with Dreamforce.  A Trailblazers celebration for an audience of thousands – millions . If you count those who joined online – showcasing how brands like Bruno Cucinelli , Unilever . Marriott and United Way are breaking new ground and disrupting their industries in powerful ways. That was just the tip of the iceberg. The inspiration kept flowing as Uber leaders, ABB , HP.  Apple and many others, including the newly elected mayor of San  . Francisco , took the stage to celebrate how they are laying the groundwork for a brighter, more connected future.

However,  dara, CEO of Uber Golden Hoodies.  Similarly, an award for his career changer with trailhead .The advent of cloud computing and software as a service democratized small business access.  Therefore,  to advanced technologies. During the Dreamforce 2017 keynote. In addition, we revealed that the next generation of the Salesforce Customer Success Platform is empowering  . Trailblazers to personalize every customer interaction and make it smarter. You must have heard by now that for the more than 125 million small businesses in the world, developing deeper, more personalized connections with customers is essential to growth, right?

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