For instance. Dacast costs around $/mo for  hours whereas livestream costs around $/mo for unlimited hours of live streaming. Also there are many more free applications that allow you to stream live. However they are riddled by annoying ads and hence are best avoided. How do you live stream? South Africa Phone Number  Every live stream must have a benefit not only for you. But also for your customers or audience. They should feel like they partook in a very special event or saw a chance to see something beautiful. Weird or enriching. The dj axwell example mentioned above does this in a very flattering way. No wonder millions of people took part. 

Here are a few more examples and ways you can make your streams more meaningful and valuable. Invest the first step to live streaming success is to invest in some quality equipment. If you are using a phone to live stream. Make sure the connection is strong. The camera good and the sound clear. In short. South Africa Phone Number  Pick a real smart ‘smart phone’. This detailed guide explains how to use smartphone to record professional quality videos. You can apply the same techniques for live streaming. Give something it is always advisable to make your live streams more engaging by giving your viewers a surprise discount code or giveaways. Doritos live-streamed giveaways during their doritosroulette digital campaign. 

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Engage your audience youtube stars rhett and link asked wendy’s customers to answer questions on their sites. Based on their answers. Rhett and link sang songs and did skits of around – seconds. This was an excellent way to engage their audience and make them feel special. Create urgency it is very South Africa phone number important to pre and post market your live stream. Create a sense of urgency by promoting upcoming live streams on facebook. Twitter. Vine and other social channels. Be unique I wish this didn’t sound like a clichéd tagline of an apparel brand but it is very important and hence I had to write it. 

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No matter what you are planning to show the world live and as it happens. Make sure it isn’t another boring stream. For instance. Try out a velfie. That’s all for now. Parting words South Africa Phone Number  I have covered many real examples and answered some questions on live streaming that will help you leverage your social media presence. Pick your stories and events wisely and ensure you are well prepared with high quality equipment. 

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That said. The world goes crazy over anything. So just trust your instincts sometimes and stream away! Guest author: harsh agrawal. A blog scientist and ceo of shoutdreams media. Started blogging in  and since then has written numerous posts on blogging. Seo. Social media. Technology. Affiliate marketing South Africa Phone Number  and more. He has also partnered with various international companies. Helping them promote their online businesses. His blog shoutmeloud has more than k subscribers and receives  million pageviews per month.

High risk and a big financial commitment. Find a bricks and mortar premises. Commit to an expensive lease. Hire staff and start marketing and selling your products and services. Today all you need is a laptop. An internet connection and just one idea. Which one do I prefer? I have done both. One trapped me South Africa Phone Number  and the other gave me the financial. Lifestyle and mental freedom I had been seeking for decades. It came out of one habit that I committed to every day. Traffic guide free download the ultimate guide to website traffic for business first name * email

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