When users come to your page, they will have some kind of reaction. Whether it’s positive or negative, in large part, is determined by what they see. Since vision is the most powerful human sense, images are one of the fastest ways to grab a user’s attention. Pictures speak louder than words Visual communication has the supreme power to directly connect with a user in a flash: bold, graphic and intentional images help engage the user. In this article, we will walk you through the process of adding, configuring and customizing images using 2 widgets available in Elementor:

“What Is the Difference Between Padding and Margins?

Image and Image Box . Also, in the last section, we will see how to add a text overlay on the image. Arrangement For the purposes of this tutorial, we will create a simple layout for a page that contains 5 images: 1 main image located at the top 3 secondary images with descriptions and links to the site section 1 marketing image with a text overlay The purpose of this page is to tell a story about augmented and virtual reality and prepare viewers for the next steps. The wireframe for our page will look like this: layout-36 The upper part of the page is dedicated to the main image. The main image has a role of powerful communication tool since it supposes to create a context.

Before Diving Into the Details, It’s Important

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supporting images add more detail to the context created by the main image. Finally, the marketing image at the bottom of the page cayman Islands Phone Number contains call-to-action text. 1. Adding a main image using the Image widget Without exaggerating too much, it is worth saying that the Image widget is essential for your design. It’s hard to imagine a layout that doesn’t include at least one image. This is why it is a fundamental widget that you will most likely use a lot while designing your website.

You convey the same message by using the passive but add three words. When overusing the passive form in your text, this can really add up.

Click on the Content section and choose the image from a set of images available in the WordPress media library. We will choose the one we need for our needs. add-image-to-elementor-4 image-settings-42

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