Published messages on social networks that “Suggest” that the xbox one s is better than the ps4 pro. On wednesday the world turned its attention to san francisco, california to find out what apple would present in its keynote, mainly because they expected the arrival of the iphone 7. However, it was not the only important event, sony held the playstation meeting , in which presented the novelties for its video game consoles. For months there has been talk that the Pakistan B2B List japanese company would present.

The new version of the calle and wednesday

The new version of the calle and wednesday. Was the day of the official presentation of the. Playstation 4 pro or ps4 pro which among its features. Pakistan B2B List Highlights the improvements in graphics, and capabilities. For 4k and hdr. This was taken advantage of by its main rival. Microsoft’s xbox which published a couple of messages. On social networks that, although they. Did not directly refer to the sony console all fans. Realized that their purpose was to compare both. The comparative advertising strategy is a strategy. Pakistan B2B List That is used in marketing when brands.

Seek not only to demonstrate that their products

Pakistan B2B List

Seek not only to demonstrate that their products. or services are better than those of rival brands, but also to differentiate themselves from the market by appealing to their best attributes. This resource has been used by several brands, such as the case of the ad “Everybody wants to be a hero” in which a can of pepsi carries a coca-cola cape , an example that with creativity, ingenuity and respect it can work, although this it does not always apply, as in the case of chobani yogurt that compared yoplait with insecticide , Pakistan B2B List this resulted in a lawsuit.


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