Not only does this cover all the benefits discussed earlier, but it also helps trainees to remember what they have been taught in a pleasant and fun way when interacting with real clients. McDonald’s was one of the first brands to apply gaming to the training and work process of its employees. The company uses a customer-modeled game for its new employees, allowing them to play their role and responsibilities in preparing to work in a real restaurant. Combining digital marketing, games and training has never been easier. Intuitive plug-ins such as GamiPress and myCred can be used to optimize content using points, leaderboards, and badges.

This Can Create a Fun Training and Performance

monitoring experience. They also reward e-commerce achievements and can be connected to sales portals. Using gaming to increase sales McDonald’s gadget played Playful loyalty programs We all know about buying incentives such as points and discount coupons, but you can take them to the next level. Image Masking Service Adding elements to the game to these aspects can make them more fun and easier to get into people’s minds. This is especially true if you are mixing a gadget or board game. Discounts have been available in restaurants for a long time, but their gambling is a positive addiction. McDonald’s monopoly, for example.

Image Masking Service

You Get Tickets with Every Purchase and Every Ticket

Is a place on the monopoly game board. The goal is to collect all the items of the same color to win the prize. Some users of mc donald’s program reported that it was addictive for them, and they bought food just to play. Playing customer service gaming companies have long applied points, badges and scores to employees who serve customers efficiently and efficiently. Given that customer service can be emotionally frustrating, customer service incentive programs motivate employees to continue working. Some companies associate customer service performance with tangible goods.

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