Their mission? “ensuring that anyone could stay in touch with family and friends anywhere on the planet. Without costs or gimmicks standing in the way“. The name inspiration? A play on the words “what’s up”. It was found in february  by two. Ex-employees of yahoo. (brian acton and jan koum). And the Anhui Mobile Phone Number Listconcept emerged after koum bought an iphone in  and realized that the  month old app store was a game changer. A new industry was emerging. Mobile apps. A russian developer was hir and the app was built. In june  apple announc push notifications and whatsapp. Gave users the ability to ping everyone in the user’s network when users chang their status. Their user numbers then hit .. 

In december  they added the capability to send photos. Other milestones: to save money and to slow its growth the service was chang to paid. But that was only $ a year in early  the app Anhui Mobile Phone Number List was in the top  of all the apps in the apple’s u.S. App store in april . Sequoia capital paid $ million for  of the company february  they hit  million active users by december  they reached  million users which made facebook. Twitters and skype comparative growth rates in  years seem rather lame. (see chart below) on february.  facebook paid $. billion (just months after a venture capital raising valued it at $. billion) mark zuckerberg’s reason for paying that premium in ? 

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It is the only wide us app that has more engagement. And a higher percentage of daily users than facebook…and we believe that it will grow to over  billion users in just a few years.” just  years later it hit  billion users! Whatsapp growth  billion dollar startups graphic source: readwrite the marketing and keys Anhui Mobile Phone Number List to success one of the keys to their success was they were a well time disrupter. Along the lines of uber that has challenged the entrenched. Expensive and lazy monopolies of the taxi industry. It resonated with a younger generation that couldn’t afford to pay for expensive texts and mms messaging. Large telecommunications companies were more concerned with maximizing revenue within their countries rather than innovating.

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Whatsapp saw an opportunity to go global. The founders were astute enough to notice an emerging trend and industry. The rise of “mobile apps” they made it simple it worked globally Anhui Mobile Phone Number List able to work across every phone. Operating system. Carrier and country it’s timing in the apple app store the luck of having apple allowing push notifications just after they launched which turned the app into one of the first “mobile instant messengers” persisted when the initial technology didn’t work well. 

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Raised money that allowed them to keep growing and investing in the technology maybe the real key to their success could be summed up with this “a simple to use product with superb Anhui Mobile Phone Number List timing that was noticed in the apple app store” . Buzzfeed some startups are a fast burn with a meteoric rise built upon a fast adopted technology or app.  Others are a slow cook that took years to happen and to get noticed. But both are growth hacked.

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