Putting all this information in one email might overwhelm some people, but spreading the information over a series of emails makes it easier to build a relationship with your readers. For example, the autoresponder I use on Digital Photography School takes my readers through the site, introduces them to our forum and social media accounts, and talks about what they’ll get for subscribing. You can create a similar one to let your followers know which social media channels you use. It’s worth letting them know about your email schedule. Saying something like, “You’ll hear from us once a week” (or however often you email them) indicates how often they’ll receive it and helps build anticipation.

You Can Also Include Some of Your Evergreen Content.

Our digital photography school autoresponder sends out a series of emails once a month or so that introduce our subscribers to some of our archival content that they might have otherwise missed. This not only drives traffic to your site, but also demonstrates the wealth of information you have in your records. Another thing you can do is include one of your best posts somewhere in the footage. Photo Retouching Service Not a link, but rather the full post. One of our autoresponder emails on DPS invites subscribers who have been with us for a few months to participate in a survey. In addition to demographic information,

Photo Retouching Service

We Use It to Find out Where They Are and What Level

of photography they are on. We also ask them what their problems are, what their questions are and what they would like us to write about. This information is gold for us. If we ever run out of things to write about, we can just look at everyone’s answers to these questions to find new topics. Another option is to create some sort of community activity. You can direct your subscribers to a blog post or forum topic that has created a great thread. It’s a great way to build social proof and show you have other readers. Other types of emails you might want to send would be more sales related.

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