International challenges are taken advantage. Of by sports brands to regionalize global campaigns and promote their products, as reebok did in mexico. Reebok running is a global campaign of the reebok brand and in its latest example of regionalization in mexico, it launched the metro challenge concept . This idea is similar to the global sports movement called race the tube , a sprint – type race in which the athlete must exit the subway train when it arrives at a station and run to the next stop on the line, to board it again. The metro challenge concept VP Security Email Lists was developed in three videos.

The first was a teaser type in which it was

The first was a teaser type in which it was. Warned that an elite obstacle course athlete. Using the new reebok zpump 2.0 would try to be faster.  VP Security Email Lists he wondered at the strategy. A second video, with the same slogan: “Who will win?”, has 218 thousand 10 views, this material shows fernando casanova , an athlete specializing in obstacle courses, running between two stations of the mexico city metro wearing tennis shoes reebokzpump 2.0. A third video of making off, complements the strategy and with a duration of one minute 11 seconds, it has 2 thousand 199 views. This is not the first time that the sports brand hasVP Security Email Lists  used the subway stage for a campaign.

VP Security Email Lists

Promoted the same tennis model with an

Promoted the same tennis model with an. Installation called subway pump battle where two. Travelers had to compete for achieve the. Highest score pressing buttons that followed. A pattern to mobilize them matthew d. Shank. In his book sports marketing routledge, 2015. Recognizes that marketers who specialize in sports. Accounts recognize that the image of an athlete influences. The final result and marks contrasts. And also concludes that the most prolific are not. Always the most popular or the most famous they are not. Always the most gifted. Successful interpretation of the. Vp security email lists sports campaign.

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