Make-a-strong-first-impression-with-powerful-branding–for-fall-in-love-with-your-blog seth godin is a well-known celebrity author and an authority marketer. He doesn’t need a good looking blog to make an impression on his followers. They already know what he has to offer. You’re no seth godin and in Poland Phone Number this post. I’m talking about making an impression on complete strangers not people who already know you. But one thing that shapes your brand image. Even before a visitor looks at your design. Is your domain name. If you’re trying to build a long-term business. Choose a url that resonates with your brand name. 

You can use this really useful business name generator tool by freshbooks or go through different domains listed on a branded domain marketplace to find ideas for your url. Make-a-strong-first-impression-with-powerful-branding–for-fall-in-love-with-your-blog an ugly design can quickly turn away visitors Poland Phone Number from your blog. Even before they hear what you have to say. Here are some fabulous blog designs to give you more inspiration. . Offer premium content for free to win people over do you know the secret to winning the hearts of your readers? Let me say this loud and clear: offer unbelievably useful content for free. 

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Yes. I said free. And I’m not talking about good content. I’m talking about insanely useful and jaw dropping content. “why the hell would I do that?” because doing that even once can give you dozens. If not even hundreds of loyal subscribers. Your content can be an ebook. A video series. A blog Poland phone number post. A knowledge base or anything useful really. Shopify is a brilliant example to follow. They not only create mind blowing blog content regularly. They’ve set up a huge encyclopedia for small businesses which contains everything a small business owner needs to know about doing business online. 

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Offer-premium-content-for-free-to-win-people-over-for-fall-in-love-with-your-blog neil patel. Another great example. Creates – word blog posts every other day. Every one of his blog posts can be sold as a premium ebook. But he gives them away for free. Why wouldn’t people love him for doing this? But just because a piece of content has – words doesn’t mean it has quality as well. As a blogging consultant. I regularly see business Poland Phone Number blogs with really in-depth blog posts that fail to generate any engagement. Why? Because they write about the wrong things. You can’t write a billion words praising your own products and expect people to take you seriously. Blogging isn’t about directly promoting your own products or business. 

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It’s about solving the problems of your ideal customers and offering them free actionable advice. Here’s a really good example of a conventional business. A medical supplies company to be exact. Using its blog the right way. Offer-premium-content-for-free-to-win-people-over–for-fall-in-love-with-your-blog image source: vive health instead of writing about their products. They’re blogging about the problems of their ideal Poland Phone Number customers and offering free solutions in their content. If this piece of content helps a blood pressure patient find relief. Guess the first company they’ll contact when they need medical supplies or instruments? That’s how you win people with great content. . Win the trust of your readers with social proof you land on the blog of a digital marketing consultant and the first thing you notice

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