It’s your choice.There comes a time in every savvy business owner’s life when they know they must step up their social media presence. It should already be a given that you are utilizing. At least one social media platform. However. Even those who are actively engaged in social media may begin to feel that Indonesia Phone Number their current promotional efforts just aren’t producing the results that they would like. If this is you. Then it may be time for you to start working with a digital influencer. 

Influencer marketing guide free download the ultimate guide to influencer marketing for business first name * email * download now what is a digital influencer? A digital influencer is anyone with authority in your brand’s niche. However. They can’t just be knowledgeable. They must also have the Indonesia Phone Number ability to reach a large audience. Practically anyone can be a digital influencer. Examples include celebrities. Journalists. Social media sensations. Bloggers and micro-influencers. Why you should invest in working with influencers? Your network determines your net worth. 

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This is an old adage that many successful entrepreneurs swear by. When you align yourself with a digital influencer. You’re giving yourself major cool points. People love to associate with people or things that are popular. Think back to your high school days. Who didn’t want to be associated with the cool kids? But I’m sure you’re not so much concerned with cool points. As you are with your financial bottom line. The Indonesia phone number reality is that no matter how many times you toot your own horn. It won’t have the same effect as someone else doing the bragging for you. According to nielson’s global trust and advertising report.  of consumers trust the recommendation of products from friends and family over the actual brand itself. 

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But if this isn’t convincing enough. Here are some other reasons why you should consider working with an influencer. Build brand trust – people don’t trust products. They trust other people. Influencers should be a top choice for promoting your brand because people already trust them. Grow your following – Indonesia Phone Number it never hurts to get more followers. When a popular influencer gives your brand a shout out. Your business is bound to get more followers as a result. Advertise for free or at a lower cost – sure. You may not be able to afford a brand shout out from a celebrity. But you can cut a significant amount of cost by collaborating with smaller accounts. 

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How to find the right influencer for your brand? A simple google search or social media search will put you in contact with a plethora of influencers. For example. If you’re looking for fashion bloggers. You can  enter the keyword “top fashion blogs”. Or search for fashionblogger on social media. Alternatively. Indonesia Phone Number You can use influencer marketing tools such as traackr. Buzzsumo. Tapinfluence. Or blogdash. Make sure you are selective about who you work with. You don’t want to use someone just because they have a huge following. Especially if their following is not relevant to your brand. Or their users aren’t engaged. Be smart and strategic. You should thoroughly research them beforehand.

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