Since the war began five years ago, more than 366,000. People have died and 80 percent of the population. Lives in poverty.A social media campaign by the syrian. Revolutionary forces  uses images of superheroes. From disney marvel ‘s avengers to denounce the massacres. In the city of aleppo the objective. Of the campaign avengers in aleppo or avengersinaleppo. Wants to send a message from syria to the. Whole world that el salvador b2b list silence and complacency. Are killing the inhabitants of those. Cities and forcing them to move. According to a statement of the organization.

Through their twitter and facebook accounts

Through their twitter and facebook accounts. the resistance group shows the scenes of streets destroyed by the bombing in the city of aleppo. El Salvador B2B List in which they place the superheroes of the film (thor, hulk or captain america). #avengers : break free from your movies and comic books – come save #aleppo #avengersinaleppo october 14, 2016 other photographs show syrian adults and minors with drawings on their hands of superheroes and with messages such as El Salvador B2B List avengers, get together and save aleppo” (alluding to the war cry of the group of heroes.

The syrian revolutionary forces added in their note

El Salvador B2B List

The syrian revolutionary forces added in their note. at the same time,That they intend to show the suffering of the syrians. In aleppo and censured the international community. For its silence and the loss of humanity in the arab. Country the activists lamented that syrians are dying. From chemical weapons barrels of explosives. Rockets and seismic bombs, among others. While the world watches since the war began five. Years ago more than 366,000 people have been killed. And 80 percent of the population lives in poverty. According to un reports. El salvador b2b list. The country has regressed several decades. on the other hand,Life expectancy has fallen 20 years and its economy.

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