Last week Friends of Search 2016 took Ecuador Phone Number place: the largest search conference in the Netherlands, where the latest developments in the field of SEO and SEA are discusse. In this article I list 5 useful models that the SEO experts share with us during the conference. Insights for planning, creating and improving Ecuador Phone Number your content that makes your brand or organization more discoverable. Test your content ideas for impact and effort Wil Reynolds WantWil Reynolds is founder of the American Ecuador Phone Number digital marketing agency Seer Interactive. Reynold’s argument is crystal clear: “what doesn’t connect to revenue, doesn’t get fund.

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And according to him, that is Ecuador Phone Number a problem for many content-focused SEO activities within organizations. While multinationals effortlessly spend money on SEA, getting a business case for the production of good content (SEO) is often difficult – says Reynolds. And that’s why it’s important to determine the Ecuador Phone Number potential value of content in advance. The model: calculate the impact and effort of content Reynolds has defined a number of factors against which you can judge a new content Ecuador Phone Number idea. In order to better plan the chance of success (read: large reach, good findability, high conversion). And thus deal more strategically with your resources.

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Impact With these questions you can calculate Ecuador Phone Number the impact. Revenue Driving: what is the probability that this content will convert? Brand Alignment: to what extent is this content aligned with the brand? Multi Year Value : what is the sustainability of the content? PR/ Blogger/ Journalism Interest: how likely Ecuador Phone Number is this content to be shared? Effort With these questions you can calculate how much effort it takes to create the content. Pivot Plan Strength: If it fails, how easy is it to implement plan B (new content)? Execution Ecuador Phone Number Cost: How much does it cost to produce this content?

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