On the one hand, this is very strong because Russia Phone Number the user immediately knows. That he is in the right place and that the focus SEO search term is present. On the other hand, this text has no add value, apart from keyword match. When Russia Phone Number a user searches for health insurance and clicks. For example, FBTO in the organic search results, he will see the title of the page: ‘health insurance’. This title lacks the identity Russia Phone Number of the company. Does not appeal to the target group and certainly does not motivate.

The Page Russia Phone Number

Univé takes a different approach Russia Phone Number and keeps its SEO focus keyword in the H1 title. But at the same time provides context and feeling with a relevant H2 title. The question motivates the user to calculate the premium and Russia Phone Number the aim of Univé is hidden in the question (namely: to let the visitor choose the most appropriate health insurance). Also read: A clear navigation structure: the basis of a good Russia Phone Number website So make sure that H1 and H2 titles: Be relevant to the keyword Be clear and concrete Contain company identity Motivate to action or evoke a certain feeling in the user. FBTO FBTO.

Russia Phone Number
Russia Phone Number

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Actual H1 Title Unive Univé: H2 title with Russia Phone Number context and motivation 3. User-friendliness and usability (user experience) Google likes usability and structure and rewards this in the search results. The ideal conversion-Russia Phone Number page is a page that is clear, easy to use and where users can easily achieve the goal they have in mind. In addition to the conversion orientation that these elements entail, this Russia Phone Number also enhances the user-friendliness and usability of the page. Google has been saying for years that websites should be made for users and not for Google.

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