40 years after the famous film is the world. premiere of the series. The first chapter, a success. International.- with great expectation, the series the exorcist , the reversal of the psychological thriller that in 1973 made many of the spectators leave the cinema terrified, is released worldwide . The series, which premieres this september 23, seeks to recreate that psychological terror as a hypothesis about what could have happened 40 years after the events that took place in washington dc in the film and in the novel by Iraq B2B List william peter blatty in which the film was based on.

In this case the series focuses on chicago

In this case the series focuses on chicago. And the protagonist is the mexican alfonso herrera. Who plays father tomás ortega the series is the. Iraq B2B List Great world bet of fx which last sunday. Was received as an important channel by winning. 18 statuettes at the emmy awards father ortega and. His colleague marcus lang ben daniels. Tackle a case of demonic possession. In a family and find themselves confronted. By true evil for her part, is the mother of the. Family who must fight against dark forces to. Save the life of her daughter possessed. Iraq B2B List By the devil publishes filmed one of the chapters.

The exorcist adds the horror genre to herrera’s

Iraq B2B List

The exorcist adds the horror genre to herrera’s. Acting life who confessed that now he “Understands” and “Enjoys” it. This is so because he had previously said that when he received the script for the first chapter he “Had a hard time moving forward since he had not seen much of this genre.” the creator,taler, said that none of the actors from the original film will appear in the series for now he also told the new york post that he would “Love a linda blair cameo. Iraq B2B List moreover he acknowledged that. “If someone from the cast wants to participate, please call us.

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