The Topshop store on Oxford Street has generated more than 600 photos, and the interactive app has really benefited a large audience. Users spent 11 minutes interacting with this app and 52% shared it with friends. What we’ve learned: This case study of branding and content marketing shows how accessibility can deliver brand values. MyFix social media digital marketing and online advertising MyFix internet advertising The bicycle retailer in Canada, Myfix Cycle, could not reach break-even point by running online ads, and wanted to change the situation.

Their Partnership with Webrunner Media Group

has resulted in a much more effective marketing ROI. This social media case study illustrates the potential for quality communication and referral and retargeting . The company switched to a much cheaper retargeting campaign on Facebook, and the results did not disappoint them. Photo Editing Services They earned $ 15 for every $ 1 they spent running an updated campaign with a few simple steps:First, they used a Facebook pixel and conversion tracking plugin on their website. Another thing was audience segmentation. 3 segments included: visitors in the last 14 days; the proportion of visitors who added the product to their cart in the last 14 days; buyers from MyFix in the last 180 days. Using a select audience on Facebook , Myfix Cycles targeted the first two segments.

Photo Editing Services

They Also Excluded Buyers from Category 3. Since

a bike is something you wouldn’t buy every six months, and there are few repeat customers in the bike market, there’s no point in allocating a budget to direct them to the store. In terms of ad content, the company promoted free delivery and highlighted the visual appeal of their bikes. What we’ve learned: As this case study of online marketing strategy shows, more expensive online advertising isn’t always sensible. Simple (but not bad) campaigns that target the right segments can be much more effective. To find out more, check out the case studies of important projects in

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