Being up to date on everything related to marketing. Advertising and the media is essential for marketing professionals. And the portal contains the best exclusives. Being up to date on everything related. To marketing advertising and the media is essentia. For marketing professionals and the merca2.0 portal contains. The best exclusive content with the most relevant topics. This week the video interviews with adelina filigrana. Director grupo salinas command center and with tere cremona. Ceo of uniko will be available in an exclusive. Interview we will have andrea scarano. Of privalia in mexico and his perspective on e-commerce today. Finally stay tuned for the day’s infographics including: what happens. When you browse the internet on. Your smartphone and key data on the automotive industry.

In the Last Year the Sale of Automobiles Presented a Decrease

In the last year the sale of automobiles presented a decrease. Of 4.2 percent according to data from the mexican association. Buy Estonia Whatsapp Numbers Of automotive distributors and it is that despite the. Fact that in the first months of 2017 they showed. A positive behavior since the second quarter to the end. The data was negative for the first time. In the last eight years follow this and more. Through social networks and the merca20 website . Subscribe to the premium content of merca20from. Madrid to mexico city. The most reliable source of global marketing strategies. A look at the strategies of the big brands and consumer trends.

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Subscribe to merca2.0 I’m already a subscriber. Take me to premium content jasmine garibay jasmine garibay. Follow me on twitter mgid mgid 6 of the best 90s shows. That need to come back see the cast of the matrix. Then and learn about the adjustments you must make to your. Mobile marketing strategy during this health contingency. Leader david chávez, marketing. Vp of walt disney company mexico ideas raise. Reported that its operations in argentina will be until. March, so there will be no more supermarkets with the. Name of the american chain microsoft sony war consoles. Microsoft or sony who leads in the console war the famous console war. Has been a recurring theme in recent months as. Both sony and microsoft intend to cover the business.

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