Apple sold more smartphones than samsung during. The last quarter of managing to carefully place million iphones. For million galaxy respectively according to data. According to an analyst quoted by the apple. Insider site the future names of the iphones that apple. Launches will coincide in that a veto of the numbers. Names like iphone 8 or 5c will be left behind. And after x the names will remain free of numbers. To make way for letters. According to the report. The rumored 6.1-inch iphone with an lcd screen. And not oled will be called simply. Iphone” without a decimal or roman numeral. The other two models reported for this year will keep the. Representing 10 in roman numerals marketer. Projects that by the end of this year. There will be 2.5 billion smartphone users in the world. Which will increase to 2.8 thousand in 2020.

Apple sold more smartphones than samsung during

That is it will grow constantly, as can be seen in the .Following graph the trend of the cupertino giant from. 2007 until last year was to place numbers following. Buy Namibia Whatsapp Numbers The evolution of the models except. For the iphone and iphon that do not have decimal numbers. The manufacturer has long experimented with the. Names of its products for example with the ipad. With suffixes such as and there was even a version called. It will do the same with its smartphone and flagship product. Simply iphone will be called your future model. And the others will be named similarly. Analysts expect this change to be even more noticeable during. 2019 in the case of other brands such as huawei’s mate10pro. Which recently promoted with controversy . And the galaxy the companies place a decimal number. So apple would have the strategy of eliminating products.

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