Consumers again expressed their concern about the probable. Disappearance of the totis brand, in response to which. The firm published various messages that tried to calm the. Audience although it did not explicitly clarify. The current situation of the company. Over the weekend. One of the issues that generated the most reactions. On social networks was the alleged bankruptcy. Of the totis snack brand, given the news of the closure of one of its. Production plants located in chiapas the interest in the possible. Disappearance of the brand was important. During last sunday a sample of 1,500 tweets mentioning. The brand would have generated 5,881,222 impressions. With a total of 3,305,381 accounts reached. According to the tweetreach measurement tool.

At the Time the Brand Would Not Have Set a Position on the Matter

At the time, the brand would not have set a position on the matter. However yesterday afternoon in the middle of the children’s day. Croatia Whatsapp Number Marketing Lists Celebrations it was promulgated with a peculiar. Post on its official facebook account in which an image. Is shown that refers to one of the acts that they mark. The relationship between the product and its consumers. Accompanied by the phrase without totis there. Is no celebration! Within the post the brand indicated. Because we are still children, thank you for being by our side. Happychildren’s day 2018 are we planning 2019. So far, the publication has more than 2.3 thousand reactions. Has been shared 740 times and has 484 comments. The interesting thing about the action is precisely last aspect.

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Consumers Again Expressed Their Concern About the Probable

Consumers again expressed their concern about the probable. Disappearance of the brand in response to which the firm published. Various messages that tried to calm the audience. Although it did not explicitly clarify the current. Situation of the company the action is a good effort. To capitalize on the relevance the brand gained thanks to what. Seems like baseless news. In principle the first action of the brand makes a good. Match with one of the most common references that users. Have with the product. To this is added a message that is related. To the latest events related to the firm, which adds to the topic. That during the weekend was the axis of the conversation. Of its target audience. Lastly the communication. Of the brand was not limited to the publication.

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