It is necessary to understand that, in order to sell more, we do not depend only on how many clients are approached by the sales team. So important is the number of potential customers, as the quality of the lead and the knowledge that the seller has about the behavior, desires and actions of him. The way to reach that scenario is to use a CRM solution . The CRM , in addition to a strategy, is also a tool. It is by using this tool that sales teams gain access to a world of possibilities . Get to know Salesforce sales software and our CRM solutions for SMEs ! Keys to sell more and better 1. Have a mobile team And a CRM platform that allows mobility too.

The evolution of the internet created new points of contact between people and companies . Therefore, to increase sales, sellers need to be connected with customers when and where they want. Managing that relationship requires a multi-channel strategy and the help of a solution that is capable of organizing the leads and the sales process . The new channels can be used to create more leads than ever and, consequently, close more deals more quickly . 2. Simplify the sales cycle Mobility and more connected and informed customers have changed the sales funnel and the way that process occurs, making it much more complex.

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is to simplify this cycle, so that salespeople have all the information about the customer’s journey in an accessible way and in one place. That way, they can stay focused on contacting leads, discovering new opportunities, and ultimately closing more deals. 3. Keep the focus on the customer experience Create links through personalized customer service to retain customers and, consequently, increase sales. The relationship with the client is the center of the experience, which is why it is important to strengthen and generate long-term connections.

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Today customers expect much more than a product or service: they want a complete solution that can, in addition to solving a need, add value and generate a good experience. 4. Train your team and apply effective sales techniques Actions to motivate and train your sales team need to be constant. A motivated seller with all the necessary information has great opportunities to increase their productivity and sell more. 5. Use data and insights powered by AI Big data is a good resource to get to know the customer better and increase productivity.

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Pillars of artificial intelligence present in Salesforce CRM through Einstein. Using these technologies, marketers gain insights into customer sentiment, audience engagement, and prospect connection. In this way, it will be possible to identify and prioritize which sales have the most opportunities to be closed . Article by Enrique Ortegón, General Manager, Salesforce Caribbean and Spanish-Speaking Americas (CaSSA).   The movie Back to the Future correctly predicted many things that are true today. And although we are missing some,  self-driving cars, robots .  And bots that answer questions in a human way.

Intelligent recommendations on when to leave one place to arrive . At the other on time, taking into account the weather and traffic. Many of the brands we use in our day know us perfectly well and proactively give us recommendations. Google predicts your words in the search bar, Facebook gives you personalized news, Amazon knows today we can count on all your shopping preferences (from books to personal items), Netflix is ​​capable of inventing entirely new genres according to your preferences (no matter how nostalgic they are). when it comes to evaluating and generating insights that can help close more deals.

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