Among the most popular digital trends are mobile. Traffic outpacing desktop traffic and ad-blocking technology. According to parse ly the digital market is constantly. Innovating with hardware and software. Developments that are motivated by competition between. henceforth,Large technology companies such as google. Which recently presented its pixel smartphone., a device with which its share. Of the mobile device market already has a. Name and last name this constant. Development is imposing trends that determine the. Course of a market where marketing. Armenia B2B ListIs constantly adopting technological models.

Where it is now possible to know the consumer

Where it is now possible to know the consumer. From their expressions before a commercial or product. To know in which store they bought a certain product. Armenia B2B List While driving their automobile or knowing. What elements determined the failure of brands to engage. With customer service systems where various tasks. with this in mind,Can be concentrated at the time a call is received. Or the consumer is attended by an online chat. Among the trends. in effect,That we find in the market are digital marketing. Armenia B2B List Which in markets such as the united states could. to point out,Obtain revenues of 771 billion dollars.

According to forrester research for this Globally

Armenia B2B List

According to forrester research for this Globally. Investment in this segment reached 200.8 billion dollars. especially,In 2015, according to a calculation by technavio. This trend. Based on the generation of content as an advertising strategy. Could generate revenues in 2019 of 313.42 billion. Dollars according to pq media. Big data. Managing a good big data strategy Armenia B2B List Worldwid experton estimated that in 2016 the volume of this. specifically,Market will reach 15 thousand 732 million euros.

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