On the contrary, he must be thought of with a margin of flexibility. The country’s economic situation can change from one day to the next, so keep three scenarios in mind – one pessimistic, one realistic, and one optimistic – and be ready for them all. That means having a plan B for your sales strategy and being prepared for eventualities. 6. Study the competition Know where your competitors are and what they are doing. It is important to monitor the actions and behavior of those who sell and offer the same as your company . Did you like the directions? Find other posts on the Salesforce blog .

Also learn about Salesforce sales software and our CRM solutions for SMEs !Digital transformation is a deep process , which is being adopted by companies of all sizes to harness the opportunities brought by new technologies such as cloud computing , mobility, artificial intelligence and IoT – the internet of things . Now you must be wondering: what does this transformation have to do with the customer experience? How do the two concepts relate and change the way companies are acting ? We know that various behavioral and technological evolutions culminated in digital transformation .

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Driven by different interconnected needs with Armenia mobile phone number  consumer behavior and expectations at their core . We are in the age of the client . That means that, in practice, the need to improve the end-to-end experience is one of the big factors that led to digital transformation. In this post, you will better understand the relationship between customer experience and digital transformation, as well as discover ways to implement strategies to optimize the relationship and customer service based on advances in technology. Customer experience and digital transformation . One of the reasons why digital transformation prevails and develops .

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The basis of the customer experience is knowing deeply and knowing how each person behaves, as well as anticipating their needs and desires. Therefore, companies must use increasingly intelligent and efficient data science and analytics capabilities to discover where customers are coming from, anticipate interactions and generate insights and opportunities that are according to what customers are looking for. Artificial intelligence can play an indispensable role in this process. The data and social interactions can be explored to analyze what generates satisfaction, what makes customers happy and if, on the contrary, there is any dissatisfaction.

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Representativeness and importance, is precisely the fact that digital and multi-channel experiences are consolidating as a requirement for consumers who are increasingly connect, inform and empower. . This is also why strategies to improve the customer experience are among the main elements of digital transformation . With digital transformation initiatives, companies get to know more about each customer, how they behave and what their day is like, in addition to selling more and better . In the end, it is possible to add value for consumers and generate results for the business .

Today, if you can connect with customers and provide an innovative . And complete experience, that will be a strong differential against the competition. How to use digital technologies to transform the customer experience? As we have seen, an essential part of the digital transformation refers to customers and their expectations. For this reason, the transformation of the experience starts from  . The use of new technologies to develop initiatives .  Capable of impacting the way companies connect with customers . Different digital strategies can be us to achieve this level of transformation. Read on and discover how to get the most out of technologies  .To optimize your customer experience. 1. Use data to understand the customer like never before .

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