I think it is a very vivid example of the Network team enables, where among other things, we seek to be a bridge between . Salesforce and our community to look for opportunities that allow . Us to promote the development of women in the technological field within and Outside the company. How does SWN work? Can anyone join? Everyone who works at Salesforce can voluntarily join the SWN leadership team and choose an existing role within the group or propose to create a new one, based on their interests and the projects they want to lead that are aligned with our mission.

For example, at SWN Argentina, we are a team of 20 people, and each one has their main function assigned, such as Communication Leader, Event Organization, Institutional Relations and Finance, among other things. In Argentina, we work as a great team, and the contribution of each person is not only referred to the scope of their role, we all participate collaboratively and bring new ideas to the table. Thus, for example, our Finance leader also volunteers as a planning team at events we hold with NGOs. We have our vision, mission and annual goals.

On A Day-to-day Basis,

We set up working sub-groups around Hong kong phone number the different projects that.  We carry out during the year, so that each participant has autonomy and can amplify our impact. Then, we meet monthly to share conclusions, evaluate results, and plan future initiatives. In our leadership team we have people from all areas: Engineering, Sales, Recruiting, Marketing, etc. This dynamic makes SWN a unique opportunity to work with a multidisciplinary team made up of colleagues from other teams, with whom we may not have as much of a relationship in our main role.

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Across the industry, we often hear that leading an employee resource group, in our case “Equality Groups,” can feel like a “second job ,” and it is indeed a time-consuming commitment. I think that being able to find the balance between my main role and the time dedicated to SWN is possible thanks to a combination of three factors. In the first place, the existence of a model that enables these actions to be carried out within the company. Salesforce pioneered the Pledge 1% model of integrated corporate philanthropy. The 1% engagement model is about dedicating 1% of capital, product, and employee time to the community.

This Means That The Volunteer

And the actions ofGiving back to our community is in our .  DNA and is part of one of the Salesforce pillars. Being part of an Organization that starts from that base, allows you have at least 56 hours available per year .  (that is, 1% of my time) to dedicate to volunteer projects. The role of President of SWN is very challenging, and from the first moment . I had the support of my manager to be able to dedicate .  Part of my working day to the cause. Another key factor is that I am not alone. As in any other team within Salesforce, they are align with the Global vision .

Therefore, at SWN Argentina, we are a team that works with great dedication under a common purpose.  And we support each other to be able to carry out what we set out to do. And on the other hand, and on a personal level, the passion for working towards contributing to a cause with which I feel identified is the engine to give the “extra mile” of effort that the role of President of SWN Argentina demands. How do you manage the balance between your role at Salesforce and the time spent on the Salesforce Women Network?

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