On more than one occasion senators pressed. On the way in which facebook could guarantee. The correct treatment of data if its business focused precisely. On selling advertising space based. On this information today in the afternoon. Mark zuckerberg appeared before congress. To appear on the case of violation of the privacy. Of its users related to cambridge. Analytica and before questions of various kinds. The founder of the largest social network in the. World gave some clues of the path that this platform. May take in the near future. During the hearing zuckerberg admitted that. Finland B2B List His company did not do enough to. Avoid data due to the data theft heard.

By the cambridge analytics firm that affected more than

By the cambridge analytics firm that affected more than. 80 million users while assuring that facebook is an idealistic. Finland B2B List Campaign and optimist whose purpose is to connect the world. However, he argued that “It is clear that we did. Not do enough to prevent the tools from being. Used in an incorrect way such as fake news. Hate speech and the misuse of user information. In this way, and after the information management. Gap became evident, the company’s ceo acknowledged. That we did not take a broad enough view of our responsibility. Finland B2B List And that was a big mistake he added it will take.

Tens of thousands of applications that work from their service

Finland B2B List

Tens of thousands of applications that work from their service. In order to understand how they use the data and in. Case of bad practices they will be eliminated from. The platform even the position was clear. Senator richard blumenthal strongly referred to zuckerberg. Questioning that we have seen the same apology before. You have refused to even acknowledge. An ethical violation blumenthal said my reservation. About your testimony today is that I don’t see how. You can change your business model unless there. Are specific rules of the road. Finland B2B List And those rules have to be “The result of congressional action.

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