Youtube users reported through twitter that within the most. Popular channels of the platform it appears automatically on content. And apparent services for adults at the end of last year. Youtube experienced one of its darkest episodes after hundreds. Of brands threatened to permanently withdraw their ads. From the platform due to the placement of these. Actions on inappropriate content since that time. The video platform has implemented a series of measures. To eliminate content that is not to the liking of its audience. And advertisers however. It seems that these initiatives have not given the expected results. Various media report that during this week youtube users reported. CANADA B2B List Through twitter that within. The most popular channels of the platform it automatically.

According to user reviews this advertising shows suggestive

According to user reviews this advertising shows suggestive. Images that, although they are not clearly pornographic. CANADA B2B List Do contain links to other adult video websites. According to the page motherboard. Owned by vice magazine among the channels affected. By this announcement are those belonging to pewdiepie. And markiplier as well as the comedy profile dude. Perfect so I’m watching pewdiepie on youtube because I’m trash and. I click on the next video and I’m greeted with an ad. Of a dancing chick titled hot girl 2018 and this thumbnail. CANADA B2B List So you’re demonetizing current content and promoting. Advertising policies outright ban adult content including. Ads for erotic movies and magazines sex and models.

To twitter complainants the google platform has asked


To twitter complainants the google platform has asked. Them to go to their support page to report the ad and have. It removed from the system. According to the latest google. Report, during the past year the viewing of content through. This channel grew 70 percent which means that 7 out of 10 televisions. In the world tune in to youtube and not conventional tv. Similarly it is important to remember that youtube has. More than 1.5 billion active users per month who daily consume. One billion hours of content the importance. Of the platform is such that it is expected that by 2019 video. CANADA B2B List Will represent 80 percent of internet traffic. However, the medium is obliged to close the security.

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