The wpo can put a positive spin on your website and ensure that it is a source of business opportunities and profitability.

Of course, these benefits will be obtained as long as you develop. This series of techniques effectively and following the best practices.

That said, in the next lines we will explain the 14 key factors. To implement web performance optimization successfully.


1. Choose a solid hosting solution
Web optimization begins when we think about developing a page since these. First planning steps must be taken following the best criteria and practices.

Among other things, it is important to aim for a quality alternative in terms. Of web hosting , which offers flexibility, the Risk Managers Email List possibility. Of customization and great management capacity. Among these options, wordpress hosting stands out.

However, common or shared hosting can also help you, especially. If your project does not have great technical needs or require. Multiple management features.

2. Compress images

Yes, we already mentioned this element, but it could not be left out of a list of the key factors of the wpo.

Remember that this task largely depends on the fact that. The page has a solid loading speed, that in addition to guaranteeing user satisfaction. It sent positive signals to google’s algorithms, thinking of a good position in the serps.

3. Use lighter themes

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This is another element of the abc of web performance optimization. On which the desired good page speed ​​depends.

In wordpress, a theme includes those files that mark. And define the appearance and characteristics of a website.

It is important to say that a heavier theme is not necessarily better, as this simply depends on the concept and style you want to give to your page.

In fact, the ideal is that you choose a light theme, which contributes. To the loading speed and, consequently, to the user experience.

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