This is actually the profile page when we design the product, including avatar, graduate school & major, name, gender, mobile phone number and other basic information; and self-evaluation, awards and professional qualification certificates, etc., which is New Zealand Mobile Number equivalent to our platform on the platform On the honor level, similar to 88 members.

It should be noted that the self-evaluation should be as highly summarized and objective as possible. If you cannot write well, you may not write it, so as to avoid boasting. For example, many children’s shoes will write “strong communication skills”. Because anyone can write like that.

But if you write “connecting N lines of business”, it will better illustrate your communication skills. If you can write a better self-evaluation for JD, such as interviewing for a position of trading products, you can write in the self-evaluation “Build a trading system with a daily order volume of XX from 0 to 1”, “Build a general trading platform for X industries”. “Wait, it’s more enticing to the interviewer to go to the next section of the resume.

For children’s shoes who have worked for many years, being able to show the awards you have won at work (whether it is a project award or an individual award) or better performance can be regarded as a small highlight of this part, at least it shows that your work has won approved by the company.

3. 70% of the space is used to introduce the most important content – that is, work experience.

Sometimes I see a resume template with separate work experience and project experience. This kind of template is not very good. Unless you are a school recruit or have a side business, which project of yours is not completed at work?

In this way, the work experience and the project are New Zealand Mobile Number written separately. The interviewer has to look for the corresponding work experience in the project, and the eyes have to scan the resume back and forth, and the reading efficiency is very low. Therefore, for those who have certain work experience, it is better to write the work experience directly. The work experience should be written in reverse chronological order, and each experience should also include three parts:

Company/Department Profile

Many children’s shoes do not write this part. If your company and department are well-known in the industry, then this is completely OK. For example, if you are a product manager in Tencent’s WeChat Moments, you have to meet Zhang Xiaolong every night.

New Zealand Mobile Number
New Zealand Mobile Number

But if you are in a less well-known company in the industry, or a non-core department of a well-known company, in order to reduce the workload of the interviewer to search on Baidu, you can still briefly introduce it in one sentence.

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