Digital marketing is gaining strength with the. Growing number of internet users, according to statista there are more than 3 thousand 174 million people who currently use the web. You must pay attention to the metrics that are accurate indicators of the success or failure of a strategy, everything so that your brand adopts the best and your customers macost per click it is also known as cpc and it is the charge made by platforms with google adwords Mauritius B2B List and facebook when a user clicks on your ads.

Online advertising campaigns are based

Online advertising campaigns are based. On this metric for their payments since. You just have to divide the total cost by the number. Mauritius B2B List Of clicks to know the price of each click. And if it was a good investment or not. The important thing in this measurement is that. You pay attention to which of your ads was the right one. To improve your strategy and achieve a. Successful cpc customer acquisition cost ratio. Conversion rate you can have the campaign. Mauritius B2B List With the highest number of interactions.

But if you can’t convert from simple visitor

Mauritius B2B List

But if you can’t convert from simple visitor. To customer or prospect to customer users. Then it’s no use, that’s what this metric will. Tell you you need to divide the number of visits. To the final destination you plotted by the number. Of visitors return on investment roi is very. Important because it shows you in great detail. How many sales you generated thanks to. Your investment in advertising or if you should. Change your strategy you must subtract your marketing. Investment from the gross profit and divide the. Mauritius B2B List Result into your marketing investment again.

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