Companies of all kinds and sizes have put into practice the principles and key aspects that we have mentioned so far, obtaining very good results.

Select brands that have provided a strong user experience include:

1. folks
For a page to be intuitive, it is not necessarily necessary to opt for a “cliche” and simple interface , which does not have originality and differential values.

This is very well demonstrated by Folks , a clothing and book brand. In his electronic store of him, he offers an intuitive experience, but at the same time rich and visually surprising, thanks to an animated background that gives the sensation of traveling on a highway.

This differential value makes your website memorable and invites the reader to interact with its different features and windows.

2. PayPal The PayPal website,

like its mobile app, stands out for its information architecture, as it shows interesting data such as recent transfers and available balance in a simple and organized way on its main panel.

This makes it highly usable and allows the user to VP Maintenance Email Lists relax and feel uncomfortable doing financial transactions and viewing information.

On the other hand, PayPal incorporates highly functional elements into its site, which also contribute to the experience, such as the currency exchange rate calculator.

3. MailChimp Adding elements that make

VP Maintenance Email Lists

The user’s interaction with the web emotional, close and friendly. Is a very good practice , which demonstrates a true user-centered. Design process.

In the case of this email marketing service provider , it gave a palpable identity. To its web application , through its brand mascot. A chimpanzee named chimpenheimer iv and affectionately known as freddie.

The image of this mailchimp mascot accompanies the user at all times. Indicating with humor and originality the steps to follow. To use and take advantage of the tool, while creating an emotional connection.

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