Not only must you ensure that all pages are functional and available to users.

Also, make sure that each one has seo optimizations, which allow them to rank favorably in google.

Among the key optimizations of seo on page is to place meta descriptions. Which are small descriptions of the content of the site. That search engines show in their results lists.

4. Choose a hosting and CMS optimized for SEO

Technical seo actions are essential for positioning and the general effectiveness of the strategy.

In this sense, it is important that Founder Email Lists you choose both a hosting and a content manager (cms) optimized for seo .

Part of the loading speed and other key elements depend on the quality. Of the hosting service to guarantee a good experience, which we mentioned earlier.

On the other hand, an seo-optimized cms, based on high-performance. WordPress themes like bennington , will give you advantages. Such as greater flexibility in designs and adaptability. To mobile device formats, such as smartphones and tablets.

In addition, content marketing and seo in a cms based on. Word press is more easily developed, since the manager will. Offer powerful functionalities while providing practicality and agility.

5. Create a relevant and optimized blog

Founder Email Lists

A blog, nourished with the best techniques and practices. Of content marketing, is a central element in an seo strategy. Which will provide positioning and organic traffic, as well as. Commercial contacts and business opportunities.

The management and development of your blog must be aligned with a solid. Keyword research , which allows you to build a list of relevant. Keywords for your target audience, which helps you to plan the content and think about its approach.

For this, you must first study the user’s behavior in search engines. And the internet in general, as well as use specialized keyword search tools. That show statistics about them, such as semrush and ubersuggest.

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