We know that one of the most used ways by brands to reach. Their target audiences is advertising not for nothing during. The past year the advertising industry represented revenues. Of more than 204 billion dollars worldwide. We know that one of the most used ways by brands. To reach their target audiences is advertising. Not for nothing during the past year the advertising. Industry represented revenues of more than. 204 billion dollars worldwide in fact by the end of this year. Global spending will grow around 4.6 percent, exceeding. The forecasts of specialists according to the most. Recent zenith report without a doubt, one of the greatest. Expressions of advertising and marketing are campaigns. Many times focused on positioning. And promoting a product or service designed to reinforce.

This Year Is Off to a Strong Start We Have Seen Works

This year is off to a strong start we have seen works. Of all kinds, but we have given ourselves the task of compiling. Three cases that stand out for their creativity or for the message. Buy Ivory Coast Whatsapp Numbers They seek to convey it is not new to talk about facebook. And the cambridge analytica scandal, this has had a significant. Impact on the company’s reputation and user confidence. For this reason the firm led by mark zuckerberg launched. The ‘we are here’ campaign, with which it seeks to once again. Offer an apology to users and promises to “Do. More to maintain their security and protect their privacy.” the campaign does not seek to increase users or attract. More advertisers on the contrary it seeks not to lose them. An attempt to restore its corporate reputation a bit.

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Social Commitment and Being an Inclusive Brand Are Issues

Social commitment and being an inclusive brand are issues. That have gained increasing relevance worldwide. One brand looking to make its commitment known. Is mgm resorts which recently launched. In conjunction with agency mccann universal love. A collection of wedding songs rewritten for comfort. It is a compilation of six recently recorded versions love songs which are reinterpreted by contemporary artists. In the united states, the issue of the hispanic and undocumented. Community has become hispid since the arrival of .Donald trump to the presidency. But, despite this post there are brands that seek. To strengthen ties with this community. This is what hp does with reinvent mindsets. A project dedicated to shedding certain clichés. Regarding society including prejudice against latino

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